Tuesday, November 27, 2007

K's Rehab Party

Kristina had a party. The theme was Rehab. I thought there would be lots of Pete D and Amy Winehouses.... There was at least one Pete and I don't remember any Amy's. I was in need of rehab myself and the slack photos reflect this. Anyways....

These guys looked cool. Not sure who they were but def cute girl alert.

Brother RB was there. He insisted I get a shot of him in front of this painting- not sure why. He was way proud of his new DJ Queen shirt.

This is my friend Jane. I think she was some sought of 80's NYC party freak ala Madonna styles. She had a belt on her arm and i think Jade is just about to supply some track marks.

Nick Hanson was there! This dude is the raddest dancer ever but as you can see he wasn't in peak physical condition. He still managed to shake his crutch though. The girl on the left thought i was taking a photo of her, I had to show her the shot and explain that yeah- she was hot, but i was trying to get a pic of my fat balding crippled buddy.

I got this record for Kristina in Australia. It was displayed proudly in the toilet. He used to be on the Young Talent Time program. Probably in rehab as we speak.

Matthew was there with his new haircut. Dude always looks sharp.

It's always a good photo when you have no reccollection of it even being taken. Me in my new security guard shirt and what appears to be a random red scarf. The shirt provided much hilarity throughout the evening, with many people thinking i was a real security guard.

And last but not least, the birthday girl herself. To prove what a goober I am, I didn't get any photos of her on the night- this was taken the night before after I'd drunkenly helped her carry her old TV out onto the street. She rules and she's my friend.