Friday, February 1, 2008

Birdsnest Roys/Ghost Club/King Loser

One of my favourite ever F. Nun bands, the Birdsnest Roys, reformed for one night to play with the touring Ghost Club.
The sound mix was terrible but they were great. They played a bunch of new songs so hopefully they may decide to do this again- i hope so.
Rosses- Big and Little.Knox was digging it. Seen here obscuring Barbara with some Air Guitar shredding.Promoter of the gig Leila looking relaxed.Coleen and Gazza.Denise from Ghost Club. To be honest I was kinda messed by this stage and don't remember that much.Mitchell was probably more messed than me and he still managed to strangle his guitar.
Dave's skinning up in this shot right outside the club with a bouncer lurking... I got MacKessar to take a shot but he missed the action.
Kristina and Jude meet Mr and Mrs J. Luck. Was fucken cool to see Jordan, he was looking good and is still the biggest music fan I've ever met.
Then Loser rocked the stage. I remember even less about them but i do recall they played Surfs Up In Malibu, which always rips.Celia was in extremely good form. Turned up late, arguements on stage and wise cracks all round.Muzza did sound for the last 2 bands. He should have done the first. Mofo gots some good ears.Bobbylon Picassio was holding dit down on the drums. According to Richie he did a really good job- I don't remember.
Dave and Dave.Evil Drummer Liz joins the conversation. Mitchell's sliding.
Phil and Renee recently married. They rule.Goodnight Sean O'riley.

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