Thursday, December 27, 2007

Die! Die! Die!

After much ado we headed out to see Dunedin International jet setters Die! Die! Die! Number 1 bro Dazza joined the party. This dude saved my life this year, On Ya Daz!
We had to take a minute to gather our thoughts before going in. Here I am pondering spaghetti junction.
Die! Die! Die! were pretty good, but not especially so. They soughta sound like they want to be a noise band, but one that plays songs. This is an oxymoron moron if ever there was one one. Still what the fuck do i know- kids were digging it.

RB, Tanya, Dave, Daz and SP Carter enjoying the show.

The inevitable feedback frenzy, singer in crowd, gear throwing ended the show. Hey, good on them. The next night I saw the Brunettes who were absolutely fucken great. I forgot my camera tho, so no photos.
Goodnight Dave.

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