Friday, January 4, 2008

the Mint Chicks

The Mint Chicks played their last show as a 4 piece- I was there. They really were fuckin great, as in all time fucking great. For a band that has a pretty mainstream, young following, it was the most hardcore, original, f'd up shiv I've heard in a long time. It was this dudes last gig with the band. The rest of them are relocating to Portland in the U S of A.

I think they'll do fine as a 3 piece. The 2 bros running the show are ambitious, clever bastards and that shit goes along way.

The guitarist Ruban rocked it on the PA stack. I was standing right next to it. For a second I thought it would fall on me. It didn't.
A great show- Give 'em a taste of kiwi!

Sasha Coshercot and Dave after the show. 2 rock gods with a Nth side connection... Dave radly hooked up tickets to the show and once again secures 'Curtains'. Word.

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