Sunday, December 9, 2007

Kerry and Rebecca's birthday

Kristina aka 'Tina Turntables' deejayed at her friends combined birthday party. I didn't know them but K dragged my sorry ass along anyway- she's good like that.

This is Kerry. She was holding it down on the decks when we got there.
Kerry explained the setup to Tina then it was party on.

People danced. I was sick of using the flash on my crappy camera, hence the tripped out arty shots. This is how everything looks to me, maaan.

Kristina rocked the party. I think I would be a good deejay- like getting fucked up, enjoy hogging the stereo, reasonably good taste in music... but K reckons it's a lot harder than it looks, and it's probable I'd be shit.

They had set up a flouro installation in the back yard- nice touch.

Someone had one of those full face sun visor things that extremely light sensitive people wear. I got a hold of it and was stoked- these things rule and I'm so getting one. Imagine- your hungover, hating the world, and heavy on the comedown... Rock this sucker and there's no eye contact and no one knows who the fuck you even are- perfect.

K was wearing perhaps the coolest bracelet ever. Racy little toy car styles. Kerry took this- she's a photographer.
Kerry and Kristina compare bracelets. I think I was supposed to take a close up.... but that aint how I roll.

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