Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Jacobs 21st and The Checks

My nephew Jacob turned 21. I aint seen him for ages as he's been holding it down on drums with the Checks all over yonder world. I love this lil' fellah.

Father Phil made a suitably embarrasing speech. Spot the Jake photo montage on the wall.

Moe and Jacob listen. Moe laughs, Jake looks stunned.

Proud parents Linda and Phil. Good job guys- the kid turned out good.

Sister Katie.

Phil and 'my friend, Sasha'.

Potential Ma- daughter in law hug.
Thanks for the party guys and happy 21st Jacob.

Few days later the Checks kicked K.A. ass.

Ole' crazy eyes Russel was there. Dudes not a braniac fulltime.

the Checks were fucken on fire. if you don't think this is easily the best band in NZ you've got yo head up yo ass.

Bass bro Karel Chabera post gig horizpeace sign action.

Jacob should get a Marlboro sponsorship. Home boy's smoking in every shot. Tobacco companies take note- this is your new spokesman.

Guitarist Sven and his Dad/Co Manager Alan with some random drunken idiot. No disrespect to the rest of the band but young Sven dog is the true genius in the Checks. Respect.

Back home and Crazy eyes kept it real in the spare room.

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