Tuesday, December 4, 2007

the L.E.D's and Disaster Radio

My buddy Blair from Christchurch came to town with his new band the L.E.D's. They were quite astonishing...

Blair in action. Any dude wearing an 'Analog Is Warmer" t shirt is ok in my book. You're looking at one of N.Z's finest musical minds right there baby.

Helen plays synth, as does Blair. Bass, drums- no gat. Think the Clean meets Kraftwerk via bong hits and amyl.

Go buy their record, see them live, or print out this photo of them outside my front door (in full 'we're a band us' pose) and stick it on your wall.

I'd heard the name Disaster Radio before and thought- yay, cool name, but when this fucker started playing I was blown away and the shiz got mental.

Next thing it was some kinda dance party acid house frenzy. The crowd went bonkers, stormed the stage, and it was party on.

Imagine the sound of an 80's arcade game on crack and your somewhere in the vicinity.

Kristina and Jude were feelin' it.

He finished playing and i fanned out, talked to him, and got a photo- cool guy.

We then went to Whammy bar and after a few minutes I fell asleep. The Bouncers wanted to kick me out, my friends said no. All accept for Steve who was all "Lets just leave him". On ya Stinky. Then some people pashed and others cried. A top evening.

See, I'm a glass half full kinda guy. Goodnight.

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